Finding a way to fund your education today is something that you may be concerned about. Fortunately for you, a lot of sectors have been working to bring education closer through online means or scholarships.

UNIGO is a learning resource website that helps students to find a path towards college education. By providing people with a comprehensive college search engine, students can now look for the most suitable college or accredited online university for them. Aside from that, UNIGO also provides their clients with statistics regarding certain educational matters and helpful reviews about schools to help students make the best decisions that they could ever make.

With that said, UNIGO, being an educational resource website, firmly believes that education can heavily influence one’s life but a lot of students are not getting the education they deserve due to various circumstances. More often than not, financial constraints are what stops students from pursuing college but through UNIGO’s scholarships, you would only need creativity to be able to win a grant that you can use to pay for your classes or online bachelor degree. In their long list of scholarships, UNIGO’s $10,000 scholarship stands above the rest due to the amount it offers to students and how easy one can win it.

The UNIGO $10,000 Scholarship is a scholarship that will ask you to answer a simple question in the sot creative and intellectual way that you can think off. As the name suggests the scholarship amounts to $10,000 and may be used for educational expenses such as paying for a college on an accredited online university. To win the scholarship, the entry of the student must be well-written (25%), creative (25%), original (25%), and all-in-all appealing to the readers (25%). There will only be one winner of the $10K grant and the prize will be directly paid to the post-secondary institution that the recipient would wish to attend.

In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship you must be a legal resident or a citizen of the United States aged 13 years or older during the time of the application period. Aside from that you must be currently enrolled, or will be enrolled before 2024, in a college or any post-secondary educational institution. Note that students taking up an online bachelor degree are also allowed to participate. For the application method, the question you will answer is this: “Imagine a historical figure is brought back to life. Who is it? What’s their favorite mobile app?” The answer must be less than 250 words and for more details you may visit the official website of the scholarship at


  1. Am a tanzanian, would like to grant me a scholarships please because am from a very poor family i can not aford a fee at any university as a undergraduated student

  2. Am a South African,I\’m an undergraduate who is struggling to enter university due to funds,My mother is not employed and I have been looking for jobs for about 3 months now..please help me.0717116073

    Thank you

  3. I\’m a south african citizen..I really want to study further but due to our financial disability I can\’t….my father is the only breadwinner…please help…0635696977

  4. Am a Nigerian an indigen of BORNO state I badly need a scholarship to help my family and myself so as to make them them happy but I can\’t achieve it due to money scarce my parents had no money to enroll me in university and that was there dream pls help me my contact number is 08162349734

  5. I am a Liberian, highly interested in getting a scholarship because I can\’t
    afford to paying Master program tuition.

  6. Am a Malawian aged 19 studying at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources doing Bachelors degree in veterinary medicine am in a great need of a scholarship urgently.

  7. Am Tanzania.I need scholarship inorder to afford all contribution fees my family very poor. Pleas help me. Thank you and god bless u.

  8. I am a Tanzanian citizen, I\’m interested in learning, but i haven\’t school fees, because i don\’t have any one to assist me in pay school fees, my family is poor, help me my contact number is 0762651980

  9. I am a Swazi Citizen, I am interested in taking up a course on Early Childhood Development, but I do not have the means of paying for my tuition, I am employed but I am still paying for my children\’s education. please help me.

  10. I am a Ugandan lady interested in a Masters Degree in International Relations Management.
    I will be very grateful if my request is put into consideration.

  11. Hello am a Tanzanian I love studying abroad university but can\’t afford. How do you help me on this?

  12. Hi, I am a Ghanaian looking forward to gain scholarship so to be able to feather by education. please help me. Thank you.

  13. My name is Samuel uchenna nmecha I am from Nigeria I really need this scholarship ..I want to study petroleum management in london or canada…i will be so much gratefull if my wish is granted..

  14. greetings to you
    I am Rutendo Mabel Chidede ,from Zimbabwe.I have a passion for art and design and i hope to pursue a career in art after studying fine arts ,visual arts but the issue is l am financially disadvantaged,the program I wish to study is very expensive and I cannot afford.Therefore I really need your support PLEASE HELP.

  15. Greeting to you,I\’m a Namibian,and im in need of the money,so im kindly asking for you guys to grant me this scholarship,so that i can help my self with my studies,thank you

  16. I am not a resident of the United States of America.
    To be precise i am a Liberian ,currently living in monrovia the Capital city of Liberia.
    I ready want to study in the USA to earn first degree up to master level.
    How can i fit in your scholarship program. and what are the criteria to enable me being qualified.

  17. Am Ugandan…growing up from a humble family and being the first born of four raised by a struggling single mum enduring all the society had to offer us, i vowed to myself to make a difference in our lives and lending a hand to struggling and poor people in my society doing this through studying higher to get a good job and later invest to create jobs…hence the need for this scholarship

  18. Hello I\’m from nepal I would like to apply for scholarship please contact me if I\’m elogible for this
    Thanl you

  19. Hi, I am Kaiza Emilian Karugendo. I am and currently in Tanzania. Can I please get a fully funded scholarship because my family can not afford any university fee.

  20. Hi hi there!…..would you please help me in achieving my goal that\’s to be a surjical doctor….I am full of hope you will……thank you for your generosity to me…..

  21. I am a first born of eigtht. Our mum passed on three years back. Since she was the my main source of income, our dad has been struggling with the family for the passed three years. Fortunately I was able to finish my secondary education but have failed to get money to take me to the university. If you could help me get a scholarship, i would be very greatful. Am from uganda

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