The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is an institution founded in 1861 to provide up-to-date and quality learning in the various areas of science and technology. It is a research-oriented university based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Along with some other accredited online universities, MIT is one of the accredited institutions that offer both offline and online courses on different degree levels.

Its current research and education areas include digital learning; nanotechnology; sustainable energy, the environment, climate adaptation, and global water and food security. The institution is also proud in its participation on its significant researches on human health, including cancer, HIV, autism, Alzheimer’s, and dyslexia, etc.

At its founding in 1861, MIT began as an educational innovation, a community of hands-on problem solvers in love with fundamental science and keen in making the world a safe and better place to live in. Today, that spirit still guides how it teaches and molds its students in and out of the confines of the campus. Moreover, one of the major advocacies of the institution is to new digital learning technologies to make MIT teaching accessible to millions of learners around the world. Hence, MIT, being an accredited online universities, has extended the reach of its education not only to the communities in which its campus is located, but also to those people, from different parts of the world, who have the willingness to develop and improve their knowledge, skills and understanding of science and technology.

On Wednesday, March 21, this year, MIT will commence its online course on Differential Equation. Candidates to this online class are expected to devote 5-8 hours per week for learning. This will cut across various topics under the same fields for nine (9) weeks. This will be handled by Bjorn Poonen and David Jerison, professors of Mathematics in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Differential Equation is an open learning area in in engineering and is the mathematical language used to describe the world around us. Hence, this online course will cover many interesting subject matters such as the matrix system as to how google ranks pages, intra- and extra-specific competitions of organisms in an ecosystem, chemical equation balancing, etc.

The course is offered by MIT for free. Hence, no fee will be required from an applicant. However, should a candidate claim his/her university-branded certificate, he/she shall pay 50 USD.

The medium of instruction used in this course is English. Therefore, candidates must see to it that they are proficient and can comprehend in the English Language.

Students interested in applying must possess some level of experience in the following areas:

  • 031x Introduction to Differential Equations (Scalar equations)
  • 032x Differential Equations: 2×2 Systems (2×2 first order differential equations).

To apply, students must log into and proceed to the course page at


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